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Graduate schools place a high value on research experience when evaluating their applicants. For this reason, in addition to the required research credit, physics majors are encouraged to perform as much research on- and o ff-campus as possible. It is best to begin your research during your sophomore year and continue your project during your junior and senior years. Some students have done research as early as the spring semester of their freshman year. Pre-engineers are also welcome to participate in research. Off -campus summer research opportunities, such as “Research Experiences for Undergraduates” (REU) programs, can be very exciting. Such opportunities are posted on the bulletin boards around the third floor physics area of Magruder Hall.

Links to Web sites listing REUs are available on the physics department homepage .

The simplest way to find out about research opportunities in physics is to approach one of the faculty members, either in person or via e-mail (see below) and inquire. Broadly speaking, there are three avenues toward research work:

  • Summer Research at Truman or elsewhere
  • Research during the regular semester fulfilling ‘Scholarship hours’
  • Capstone Experiences and Research : A BS physics major is required to take at least three hours total for research experiences from Phys 441, 442, or 443, or, alternatively, to have an approved external research experience (such as an REU). They then present their research as part of the capstone seminar, Phys 492. The capstone for the BA degree is the one credit hour Phys 445, Advanced Physics Seminar, in which students engage in a literature study on a focussed area in physics culminating in a paper and a public presentation on the topic. BA majors may opt to ful ll the BS research capstone in lieu of Phys 445.
  • Faculty Research Interests

  • Taner Edis
  • Michael Goggin
  • Vayujeet Gokhale
  • Ian Lindevald
  • Peter Rolnick
  • Mohammad Samiullah
  • Eduardo S├ínchez Velasco
  • Current Research Projects

    Potential Research Projects in Upcoming Semesters