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  • August 2000 – December 2006 :- Physics labs Teaching Assistant (Contact: Jim Giammanco) and Astronomy labs TA (Contact: Amy Campbell), TA for the Astronomy labs for Astronomy majors (Contact: Rob Hynes).


PhD thesis: Mass Transfer and Evolution of Compact Binary Stars

Previous Research work

Previous to coming over to LSU, i’ve worked at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Trombay on Gamma Ray Astronomy. Also, after visting the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore for a summer school, i’ve worked on Inter Galactic matter.

Other Research interests

Apart from Accretion disks and related topics, i am also interested in biological evolution and genetics. Ideally, i would like to learn more about planet formation and origin and evolution of life on planet Earth. Lately, i have also picked up interest in Astrobiology.(Earlier, i had this statement on here: “Whether or not that has any significance to life elsewhere, is not of interest to me personally.” After reading more about planet formation, evolution and biology, i realised that the two subjects are not mutually exclusive.)

Research group at LSU

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Contact Info:

Telephone: (660) 785- 4411
e-mail: gokhale@truman.edu

Vayujeet Gokhale,
Dept of Physics
Kirksville, Mo – 63501